About Pregnancy Pillow

Is it necessary to buy a pregnant woman pillow?

The general doctor recommends that the pregnant woman adopt the left sleeping position, because the left lateral position can make the right-handed uterus to the left, and the left lateral position can reduce the compression of the aorta and the radial artery in the pregnant uterus, so as to maintain the normal tension guarantee. The blood perfusion of the placenta makes pregnant women less prone to lower extremity edema, lower extremity varicose veins and fetal dysplasia. Many pregnant women have poor sleep quality during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. In addition, to maintain the left sleeping position, it is...

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What is Pregnancy Pillow?

Regular pillows are designed for headrest, but a pregnancy pillow is designed to ease various body aches and come in many different sizes and types. Queen Rose pregnancy pillow is literally the size of your body. You sleep on it as if you're lying across your partner.  

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